Canadian content in the American gun control debate

Ad agency Grey Toronto creates ad for Moms Demand Action.  They also represent Captain Morgan, Cialis and the Salvation Army.  Good for them!

Pakistani Musicians Play Brubecks Take Five

The Sachal Studios Orchestra did this amazing version released this amazing version of Dave Brubeck’s Take Five. Before he died last year, Brubeck told the Guardian it was the “most interesting” version he had ever heard. You can purchase their album, Sachal Jazz: Interpretations of Jazz Standards & Bossa Nova, on Amazon and iTunes. It […]

Stairway to Heaven is all Heart

A song is re-born by Ann and Nancy Wilson.  They nail Led Zeppelin’s iconic tune during the Led Zeppelin tribute at the Kennedy Centre in December.  The song was played so often by talented amateurs shopping for a new guitar that Steve’s Music Store on Queen Street West forbid it to be played in the […]

More intellectually insulting than whatever Axe has done lately…

…..So suggests Brandchannel. Maybe it’s true. Gillette is launching a ‘manscaping’ campaign fronted by Kate Upton of Sports Illustrated fame. Apparently men are cutting themselves to pieces. Not to worry. Gillette (and Ms Upton) are riding to the rescue of the body-shaving male demographic with a razor-sharp campaign that appeals to their inner stupid. Backlash, […]