They’re hanging from the rafters!

Your Working Girl witnessed four women from the Canadian Armed Forces gracefully rappel from the rafters at the Leafs vs Jets game on March 16th what in what was billed as a tribute to the Canadian Armed Forces.

“It means so much to the forces to have the people in the stands behind them,” said the army brass.

To Your Working Girl it felt less like a warm thank you from hockey fans than the Canadian Armed Forces taking a page from the US Marines when, as part of their recruitment efforts, they sponsored the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) which US Congress put a halt to it in December, 2012.  But that would also mean the NHL is taking the a page from UFC.  And how crazy is that?

Just so you know:  What is the army doing in terms of recruitment now that we’re out of Afghanistan?  Here’s the scoop straight from the horses mouth (as it were).

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