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You don’t have to dig too deep — part two.

The ties that bind.  International NGOs and the Canadian mining industry.  Here a listing of Canadian NGOsand the mining companies that acknowledged as a “Donor”, “Alliance Partner”, “Major Corporate Sponsor” on their website.  In some cases such as Plan Canada,  WUSC, World Vision (for which CIDA was a driver) and UNICEF some details like the dollar value of the partnership has been made public by the NGO.

AMREF: Better Health for Africa

Barrick Gold

Capital Drilling Limited


Kenya Fluorspar

Major Drilling Group

Pan African Mining

CARE Canada: Defending Dignity. Fighting Poverty.

Teck Resources Limited

Doug Horswill, Chairman of the Mining Association of Canada, is on the board of directors

CUSO International: Harnessing the power of volunteering to help reduce global poverty

Dan Wright, Treasurer of CUSO, has experience in the Canadian mining industry.  His web bio allows that “his mining work included the use of dynamite but he generally prefers subtler approaches to facilitating change.”

PLAN Canada:  Improve the lives of children


Save the Children: Creating lasting change for children in need in Canada and around the world

Candente Gold

Candente Silver

Teck Resources Limited

UNICEF Canada: Working tirelessly to help children and their families

Teck Resources Limited: Newly-minted $5 million partnership announced on April 3, 2013

World University Services of Canada: Education Changes the World

Rio Tinto Alcan

World Vision:  For children. For change. For life.

Barrick Gold

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