It’s only rock and roll …

For the last 10 days, Neil Young has waged a blistering attack on the Alberta oilsands development.  It’s a thrashing that’s left the Canadian oil industry and the governments that support it sputtering with indignation.

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers played the snooty card.

“Mr. Young may represent that rock stars don’t need oil, but we would represent that Canadians very much do need oil,” said the lobby group’s president David Collyer.

Cenovus Energy took umbrage.

“Canadians should be angry about the way oil sands are being portrayed internationally as dirty oil,” said CEO Brian Ferguson.

Shell gave us the old flim, flam, flummox.

Oilsands producers have reduced CO2 intensity by 26% since the 1990s and the carbon capture and storage projects “will store CO2 each year equivalent to removing 175,000 cars from the road,” said Stephanie Sterling, VP of Business Development for Heavy Oil.

Huh? said Your Working Girl.

Fact checkers weighed in.

Young is on shaky ground claiming the oilsands projects produce as much carbon dioxide daily as “all the automobiles in Canada,” said Andrew Leach, economist at the University of Alberta.

The truth is the oilsands produce only half the carbon dioxide as all the automobiles in Canada.

What?! said Your Working Girl.

Politicians chimed in.

“Even the lifestyle of a rock star relies, to some degree, on the resources developed by thousands of hard-working Canadians every day,” sniped the PMO.

Federal Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver called Young’s remarks insulting.  Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall called them ignorant.

Your Working Girl has three words to say to Mr. Neil Young – bring it on.

For a couple of weeks in January, rock and roll appeared to be back in the game.

Though Your Working Girl doesn’t want to get her hopes up, for a moment, amid the fact checking and the spluttering, she thought she heard the sound of eyelids popping open, minds snapping to attention and lips moving to utter a word of protest.

Jimmy Fallon, who proved to be among the world’s best fan/mimics, sang a condemnation of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s actions to the tune of Born to Run with the real Springsteen at his side. Click here to love the Fallon/Springsteen duo.

In case you’ve missed US cable news for the past couple of weeks, Chris Christie has been called to account for the accusations that several of his staff purposely shut down three lanes of traffic on the George Washington Bridge for three days.  The closure added four or five hours to the commute and prevented emergency vehicles from reaching their destinations.  The shutdown was allegedly payback for the Democratic Fort Lee mayor not endorsing the Republican Christie’s successful gubernatorial campaign.

Sadly for Christie, he’s one of The Boss’s biggest fans and has to been to 129 Springsteen shows.  Reportedly, he hasn’t been able to bring himself to watch the critical clip.

Your Working Girl, herself, re-discovered the joy of singing back to the people who’ve been giving us the high hat for years.

It’s emotional.  It’s basic.  It’s singing and it’s dancing.  It’s about matters of the heart.  It is only rock and roll.  And for the last couple of weeks, it’s only been rock and roll that’s generated an accounting of the what’s going on with the oilsands and sending Chris Christie a message he has not been able to ignore.

Your Working Girl can tell you, Gentle Reader, it’s only rock and roll (but she likes it).

Here’s Pearl Jam with Neil Young doing Rockin’ in the Free World in Toronto in 2011. Have a click here. Guaranteed, Your Working Girl will be belting this one out all day.


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