Where there’s smoke there’s fire

Golden Girl Finance featured a Human Rights Watch report on its Friday Stocktail this week that reveals, “tobacco farms across the US are using children as young as age 7 to assist in tobacco harvesting, exposing them to nicotine, pesticides and extreme heat.”  

That same Friday Stocktail also filled YWG in on the latest GMO legislation in the U.S., what’s going on with Snapchat and Blink, fast food labour strife and and the Canadian dream.  It’s a great blog and Your Working Girl thinks you will be happy and well-informed if you do decide to check it out.  And, although she knows her Gentle Readers would never get all judgie about the name, she’s saying “don’t get all judgie about the name.”  These business wizards are following the stock market and business news so you don’t have to — from a perspective you might not be used to.

And just imagine, if everyone followed two savvy bloggers with the word girl in their names, that melting Antarctic glacier might just freeze over.

Peace out.  YWG

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