Toronto Fundraiser’s Debut Novel a Rollercoaster Ride through Faith, Hope and Modern-Day Charity

700105 CoverOkay … I’m coming clean …the “Toronto fundraiser” mentioned in the headline above is me. And, as the headline suggests, I have written a novel. You can read more about it here.

I thought the Working Girl blog would be enough rope for me. But no. Periodic 1,000 word essays just didn’t do the trick. It had to be a book. Oh yes, it did. And it had to be a book set in the world of fundraising. It had to be about a valiant, but flawed, protagonist and the amazing team of people around her. It also had to be about growing up in Newfoundland.

It’s called What the Enemy Thinks, a title taken from a classic Saul Alinsky quote. “Power tactics is not only what you have, it’s what the enemy thinks you have.” And my imagination is now so clearly exhausted because I could not fathom such a reality. It would had to have been made up.

Allow me to introduce you to Beck Carnell …

… Beck is a charity marketer whose upbringing in the fishing village of Herring Neck, Newfoundland, both haunts and comforts her as she battles her demons and her rivals in a world where misery fuels fundraising opportunity. The marketing press calls her Toronto firm, Social Good, “an edgy,
 dynamic shop simply spilling over with raw talent.”

In an advance review, Kirkus Reviews says, “the book’s resilient cast will generate compassion as its characters confront the social and political challenges facing … charitable organizations.”

I wrote it for you.

And I wrote for everyone who toils away in nonprofits, media organizations and advocacy groups, trying to mend a few souls and seek a few truths, both inside and out. It’s also for people who feel like they’d enjoy a bit of rollicking good fun.

So, my dear and Gentle Reader, click on a link below and have my little book wing its way towards you in pronto fashion.

Click here to order on or here to order on

And please, go ahead and visit Beck Carnell at

Much love,


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