Blue Jays playing Chief Wahoo for the ALCS

There’s a racist running for the White House. And we now know the Toronto Blue Jays will be playing the team with the most racist mascot in baseball, the team from Cleveland, for the ALCS title.

How fucking great is that?

When an entire country of baseball fans doesn’t even want to say your name?

Jesse Wente, a columnist at CBC and a programmer at TIFF, has been waging war on racist mascots for some time and is suggesting sportscasters call the team only by the name of their city. Fans want this too.

I despise Donald Trump for his racism. And ditto for the team from Ohio.

Baseball cap

Mark Shapiro’s hat for 20 years

You don’t have to take my word for it.

My daughter will tell you the story of the “only time Mom ever cursed on a baseball team was the time she came into my bedroom and woke me up raving that the umpire called effing Cleveland safe at second and how she wanted to squish the entire team like a bug.”

Somebody should get rid of those goddam hats Cleveland wears.

Every year on Opening Day, there’s a protest at Progressive Field in Cleveland.

And Mark Sha-PIE-row, the current president of the Blue Jays who worked for the Cleveland team for 20 years, wouldn’t make a change. So what does that make Mr. Shapiro?

Well, for one thing, it makes him no friend of mine.

North American’s relationship with indigenous people is complex and there is no simple solution to years of oppression and torture. But a few things are simple, if symbolic.

The whole Cleveland image is repulsive. Pay some respect. It is past time to get Chief Wahoo off the uniform.

Because Cleveland, and the sight of their uniforms, will not be going anywhere quickly.

It’s a not bad team that plays small ball and goes to the opposite field, two aspects of the game the Blue Jays refuse to do.

It should be a long series.



Author Photo 01 Sandy Tam Photography

Gail Picco is a strategist and nonprofit executive who has worked in the charity sector for 25 years, most of which as President of Gail Picco Associates. Prior to establishing Gail Picco Associates, she spent eight years working in a shelter for assaulted women and children. She is the author of What the Enemy Thinks, a recent novel set in the nonprofit sector, of Your Working Girl, a blog of memoir and commentary on politics, charity and popular culture, and writes a regular column for Hilborn Charity News. She is a Principal with The Osborne Group in Toronto and Chair of the Regent Park Film Festival.


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