Charity Talk: How can you compete with changing the skyline?

Charities are entrusted with the lives and wellbeing of the poorest, sickest and most oppressed people in the world. In Canada, the sector generated $246 billion in 2014. How do they view their obligations, chose their priorities and interpret the impact of those choices?

In February my book, Cap in Hand: How Charities Are Failing the People of Canada and the World was published and attempted to answer some of these questions.

Bring your opinion to the charity debate.

In an effort to create forums to discuss these important issues—and to get you involved—we have created the Global Cap in Hand Facebook Series, the first of which is Tuesday, May 30th from 12—1 pm.

Click this link to join

In a discussion moderated by Jo-Anne Ryan, VP Philanthropy, TD Wealth and Executive Director, Private Giving Foundation, I will be talking to guests, Kevin Goldthorp, President, Sick Kids Foundation and Valerie McMurtry, CEO, Children’s Aid Foundation.

Do you have a question? Post it on the Facebook page and we will work it into the show.

The live event will be archived on YouTube.

No matter where you live and work in the world, the live Global Cap in Hand Facebook Series will give you a chance to discuss serious issues facing charities across the globe.

The book is causing a buzz among charity leaders and is being called “brave, searching and necessary” and “an important investigation.”

Sign up here and be part of this vital conversation!

Click this link for the ways in which you can buy the book.

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