Calming Breaths Blue Jays Fans … Deeply Now

A bit of poetry to sooth our nervous souls. Happy Thanksgiving, BTW. (It does, of course, remain to be seen how happy it can be.) A Ballad of Baseball Burdens by Franklin Pierce Adams (1912) The burden of hard hitting. Slug away Like Honus Wagner or like Tyrus Cobb. Else fandom shouteth: “Who said you […]

Welcome to your 2015 F1 Season: Your armchair guide to the good stuff

We’re off to the races again! Thank goodness. While the temperatures are still freezing in Eastern Canada in our imaginations we can bake in the sun at the Australian Grand Prix on the weekend. For those of you who haven’t been paying too much attention since I wrote my F1 season wrap-up in November, don’t […]

Re: Doug Ford and Recent Polling 

From the Globe and Mail: “A poll Friday of 1,228 people by Forum Research for the Toronto Star had Mr. Tory at 41 per cent, Mr. Ford at 34 per cent and Ms. Chow at 19 per cent. A poll the same day of 1,054 people by Mainstreet Technologies put Mr. Tory at 45 per […]


Your Working Girl can sympathize with her sisters and brothers in the Occupy Wall Street Movement.  And as a close neighbour of Occupy St. James’ Park in Toronto, she spent the day on Wednesday simultaneously hearing the church bells peal on live radio reports and through her open window.  She understands and has herself, impatiently […]

The hits just keep on coming

Charity Intelligence has had pretty a good week.  On Tuesday, November 15th, the most widely read newspaper in the country, the Toronto Star (average weekday circulation of 436,694) printed what looked like a verbatim Charity Intelligence press release referring to the launch of its “first-of-its-kind search engine to help Canadians decide where to donate.” (Are the […]

Pick Your Spot

Your Working Girl loves newspapers.  The more the merrier she cheerfully proclaims when given the opportunity.  In print or online, she loves them all the same. In particular, she likes investigative journalism. It may come as a bit of a surprise to some Gentle Readers that, as a young woman, Your Working Girl herself wanted […]

Scouts Honour? No-comment-beyond-what’s-in-the-statement

Like Gil Grissom, who played a forensic expert on TV, Your Working Girl has three crimes[1] that really get her goat.  And abuse of children is one of those crimes.  So when Your Working Girl tuned into the fifth estate last night to watch Scouts Honour and one of the first shots was an insistent […]

Battle Beyond the Blades

After sharing a bountiful Thanksgiving with family and friends, Your Working Girl was walking to a working girl work-out when a high-definition vision of Don Cherry dressed like a Christmas tree skirt appeared before her like a caterwauling demon who refused to be batted away. Her heart raced.  What was this vision?  Why now?  Because […]


Since the Toronto Blue Jays finished up their 2011 season with a perfect 500 record (81 – 81), Your Working Girl is now turning to a serious matter that reared its painful head as the sun shone, the lakes glistened and the wind rustled through the trees.  And fair warning to you, Gentle Reader, the […]

The front office weighs in

Holy cow! When Your Working Girl expressed the simple wish to have the Blue Jays front office show they cared about the fans, she’s afraid she shocked a good many of her Gentle Readers by the fact that she cared about baseball at all.  And she was as stunned as anyone to think that her […]