The Man Beneath the Veil

Lynton Crosby. Most of us heard his name for the first time in early September. He is a Lord Voldemort of political professionals, a master of the dark arts who specializes in ripping apart tenuous bonds between neighbours and there, in the vacuum, systematically works the “divide and conquer” algorithm until the big problem of […]

Can you be friends with someone who voted for Stephen Harper?

Last week, a letter to Dan Savage in NOW magazine caught Your Working Girl’s eye.  (Believe her when she tells you her eye catches a great many sorts of things.)  The letter to Mr. Savage, an internationally syndicated sex columnist and gay rights activist, was from a ‘monagamish’ bi-sexual couple who ‘fool around’ with similarly […]

You don’t have to dig too deep

Prologue:  As the freezing rain beat against the windows of her 15th floor walk-up, Your Working Girl was thinking on the brouhaha surrounding World Vision, Plan Canada, World University Services of Canada and their $7.7 million deal with Barrick Gold, IAM GOLD, Rio Tinto and CIDA (heaven rest its soul). For a sector that has […]