The Game of October 14th

It was fifty thousand fans who were yelling on their feet

The accidental go-ahead run is nothing but a cheat!

When it comes to the pride of country, we know we gotta fight.

When it comes to the pride of baseball, forget the bromide “polite.”


Last night, twas the fans, not the team, who put fear in the Ranger’s face,

But the team, buoyed upon their wings, determined the ultimate pace.

Three errors and a rolling ball set the stage for what was in store.

And Joey Bats, Mr. Bautista, did all that was needed to score.


So Royals, or Cubbies or Mets please note, that when you come to town

The Blue Jays fans are ardent fans who know how to lay it down.

Call them sulky, cussed or surly. They can be truculent too.

But we’re out to win the World Series, and what’s in the way is you.


Author Photo 01 Sandy Tam PhotographyGail Picco is a strategist who has worked in the nonprofit sector for 25 years. She is the author of What the Enemy Thinks, a recent novel set in the nonprofit sector, and is Chair of the Board of the Regent Park Film Festival. She also writes about baseball and F1 racing.

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  1. Deanna Bickford says:

    Gail! Great Jays tribute ! – yet shouldn’t the title be The Game of October 14th?? ?

    Deanna Bickford
    T 416.537.6100 x 65

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