Blue Jays playing Chief Wahoo for the ALCS

There’s a racist running for the White House. And we now know the Toronto Blue Jays will be playing the team with the most racist mascot in baseball, the team from Cleveland, for the ALCS title. How fucking great is that? When an entire country of baseball fans doesn’t even want to say your name? […]

A new e-book from Your Working Girl—Download it for free!

It gives me great pleasure to offer you, gentle readers all, my new e-book,”And then I said: The Best of Your Working Girl.” And I want you to download it for free. It’s good as a stand alone, but also excellent advance reading for my new traditionally published book, Cap in Hand: How Charities Are […]

If Donald Trump were a woman, Hillary Clinton would be facing off against Leona Helmsley

I’ve always wanted to be the biggest real estate man to come down the pike. LEONA HELMSLEY The American election—it’s getting too much. There are so many levels of serious dysfunction; immoderate dosing is bound to have a lasting effect, like reading too much about serial killers. It could have a long lasting effect on […]

10 Things Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Have In Common

Looking back over the last two weeks of political conventioneering, and having watched both the Republican and Democratic conventions pretty well gavel-to-gavel, one of my takeaways is that, despite the wide divide in some policy areas, the number of similarities between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders is quite marked. And, judging by the language and the issues some […]

Attention White People: You CAN Do Something

Our souls were seared by the racist violence we witnessed this week. Feelings of hopelessness and exhaustion have been left in its wake. What can we—especially us white folks—practically do to take a stand against this anathema? You may feel hopeless and helpless, but there is a way for you to get involved in important […]

They Are Trying To Kill My Boy

It’s been seven days since a man armed with military-styled weaponry walked into a gay club in Orlando and open fired, killing 49 people and wounding dozens more. But I just haven’t been able to move on. My son is a young gay man and I admit to a certain empathetic vulnerability. News reports cover […]

He Shall Not Be Moved

The epithets flying around U.S. politics these days are startlingly injurious. “War-monger.” “Repugnant.” “Legal and political nightmare.” “Pathetic.” And that’s got nothing to do with Donald Trump. These are the comments directed towards Hillary Clinton by feminists with a so-called “class analysis.” Donald Trump has made his supporters a bunch of foul-mouthed thugs who don’t […]

Mean Girls – How Opposition Politicians Love to Attack Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau made the mistake of telling Quebec newspaper, Le Soleil, last week that she felt overwhelmed by the requests being made of her as the prime minister’s wife and thought she needed help to meet the demands. Every woman in Canada can take a lesson from the reaction provoked by her confession. Best […]

How did The LEAP Manifesto make it to the floor of the NDP Convention?

When Newt Gingrich joined the 2012 Republican presidential primary, some pundits declared that, for him, it was more like extended book tour than a serious bid to be president. That’s because in the summer of 2011, the prolific writer and veteran conservative politician had published a book called A Nation Like No Other: Why American […]

Covering Itself with Glory: How Nonprofit Agencies are Failing Government- Sponsored Refugees

I don’t want to write this blog. I telling you I don’t. I’ve got a so-called life and stuff to do. And, honestly, I don’t have any particular axe to grind. But with the Goodwill debacle I posted about on Sunday still on my mind, ACCOUNTABILITY on my top-ten word list this week, and the […]