The Goodwill Scandal—What the Hell Happened and What it all Means

Retail is tough. The margins are narrow. Sales dip in January. Rents in Toronto are high. Donations are not what they used to be. Goodwill faced these problems and more. They tried to make it work, but couldn’t. It’s hard. That could have been the tsk-tsk sad story we’ve been following this week. But it’s […]

Paris Attacks, Mandate Letters, Naomi Klein and Drizzie – Your Week in Review

November 13, 2015 Syrian War Stakes Out a New “Theatre” At least 128 people died and many more were critically injured tonight, as IS (Islamic State) claimed responsibility for coordinated attacks in Paris. The events have resulted in Facebook becoming the largest funeral parlour in the world where well-worn expressions of grief rub shoulders with personal […]

November 11: Are we trying to remember or trying to forget?

My dad was a story-telling man who served in World War II, and who told no stories about the war. Save one. The topic of conversation was actually about how hard-hearted some people can be, and he was using the story as an example. When he finished, I understood a lot more about why he […]

Week in Review: November 1 – November 7

November 7, 2015 Indonesian Forest Fires Illustrate How Profiteers Use World’s Atmosphere As Their Own Personal Sewer The CO2 emissions from the deliberately set Indonesian forest fires have reached 1.62 billion megatons (1620,000,000,000,000 tons), with Indonesia now taking the 4th largest CO2 emitter spot from Russia. The CO2 emissions from the fires will soon equal […]

Week in Review: October 25th – 31st

October 25 2015 WHALE-WATCHING BOAT SINKS, CLAIMING THE LIVES OF FIVE, ONE MAN STILL MISSING The sinking of a whale-watching boat off the coast of Tofino, B.C. today leaves three men and one woman dead, and one man missing. Riding in a small boat on a large ocean for the bliss of seeing one of […]

The Week in Review – Week of October 18 2015

October 19th LIBERAL PARTY OF CANADA COMES FROM BEHIND TO WIN A MAJORITY GOVERNMENT Political pundits are shocked, New Democratic Party (NDP) supporters are heart-broken and the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) are grinding their teeth as the Liberal Party trounced both parties to ride its way to a majority today. No word on the […]

The Game of October 14th

It was fifty thousand fans who were yelling on their feet The accidental go-ahead run is nothing but a cheat! When it comes to the pride of country, we know we gotta fight. When it comes to the pride of baseball, forget the bromide “polite.” * Last night, twas the fans, not the team, who […]

Good morning Blue Jays’ Fans! Advice to Young Wives From an Old Mistress

Winning at baseball is intoxicating—a dizzying pleasure like that of being spun across the dance floor by a partner so handsome and light on his feet that it makes you feel more attractive just by being in his arms. Yet, without mindful orientation, the moment the first pitch is thrown, our infatuation could quickly be dashed […]

The Man Beneath the Veil

Lynton Crosby. Most of us heard his name for the first time in early September. He is a Lord Voldemort of political professionals, a master of the dark arts who specializes in ripping apart tenuous bonds between neighbours and there, in the vacuum, systematically works the “divide and conquer” algorithm until the big problem of […]

An Open Letter to Thomas Mulcair—

I’m not really anybody. For demographic purposes you could segment me as a 50ish single woman with two children in their 20s, a self-employed professional living in downtown Toronto. I have no pension, no big home to sell and no expectation of a family inheritance. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if that […]