What say you, Woody Allen?

The timing is helpful to the analogy. Yesterday in a Toronto courtroom, Jian Ghomeshi, as part of a brokered deal which according to the judge the complainant had a lot of input into, signed a peace bond and apologized to Kathryn Borel for sexually harassing her at work eight years ago. After the settlement, Borel […]

The difference between Jian Ghomeshi, Bill Cosby and Woody Allen

On Thursday, January 8th, a woman waited on a cold Toronto street for former CBC host, Jian Ghomeshi, to emerge from a court room and, amid people making catcalls, she shouted “castrate him,” according to the Globe and Mail. On Wednesday, two “Muslim extremists” barged into an editorial meeting of the French satirical weekly, Charlie Hebdo […]

The CBC shows us exactly how it’s done—workplace bullying, I mean

When comedian and CBC host, Rick Mercer, stepped out onto the stage of the Giller Awards Gala on November 10th, having replaced Jian Ghomeshi as host, everyone wondered if, and how, he would bring up the Ghomeshi scandal. The hotel ballroom was a beautifully decorated CBC set. The tables were laid with jaunty CBC-themed red […]

Ten questions that simply must be asked in the Ghomeshi scandal

The issue that’s given rise to the most scorn among my readers since the Ghomeshi scandal broke a week ago was my initial posit that Jian Ghomeshi’s being  a man of colour and a Muslim might have played a role in the way the CBC disposed of him.  The response I got to that suggestion was that […]

The #GhomeshiEffect: Report – and Request – from the Trenches

As the line of women coming forward disclosing abuse at the hands of Jian Ghomeshi gets longer and less anonymous, I have three thoughts to share with you today. The women’s stories are troubling in the extreme but I will make the same assertion I made yesterday—that the media’s, social and otherwise, sensational focus is […]

Why the attacks on Jian Ghomeshi are of no help to abused women

So far this week, Elizabeth May, leader of Canada’s Green Party, apologized for supporting Jian Ghomeshi, apparently in response to the threat that ‘no woman in Canada would vote for her.’ Elizabeth May regarding Jian Ghomeshi | Green Party of Canada https://t.co/WELl3gc1e9 #GPC #cdnpoli — Elizabeth May (@ElizabethMay) October 27, 2014 Judy Rebick, publisher of […]

What’s the Q media panel saying?

Finally, something to get the Ford family off the front page! CBC Radio’s firing of Jian Ghomeshi on Sunday was pretty shocking. Let’s cue up the Q media panel to see what they’ve had to say about their host’s scandal: Jonathan Kay (National Post), Judy Rebick (rabble.ca) and John Cruikshank (Toronto Star) The story began […]