Charity mergers and “wealthy big-name donors”

Truthfully? The world of charities—a world I’ve inhabited for more than 25 years—is beginning to drive me a bit crazy. What are we supposed to think of charities, anyway? Are they a deer in the headlights responding like the proverbial damsel in distress to events beyond their control? Are they made up of scheming profiteers […]

Ten questions that simply must be asked in the Ghomeshi scandal

The issue that’s given rise to the most scorn among my readers since the Ghomeshi scandal broke a week ago was my initial posit that Jian Ghomeshi’s being  a man of colour and a Muslim might have played a role in the way the CBC disposed of him.  The response I got to that suggestion was that […]

“Charity creates a multitude of sins”

Your Working Girl’s dear friend Oscar Wilde knew a thing or two about sin and, perhaps unpredictably, quite a bit about charity.  For anyone involved in the fundraising world, the early reports of what’s going down with the Grace Foundation in St. John, New Brunswick could make you a bit queasy. A board member of the Grace […]