Latest Sick Kids Campaign Puts Fierce New Face on Acquiring New Donors

On October 14, 2016, the Globe and Mail published a story, New, flashy SickKids advertisement aimed at untapped donors. Where, I thought, as someone who has worked in the charitable sector for 25 years, could the untapped markets for the Sick Kids Foundation be hiding? If Torontonians were asked to name one charity, they would […]

Do you believe it?

Princess Margaret Hospital is in the throes of a $1 billion fundraising campaign called Believe It, an increasingly ironic moniker in light of recent events. On June 18th in Toronto, it held a self-described “media event” to announce a “major breakthrough” in the development of “sharpshooter” cancer drugs.  (Your Working Girl notices the language of […]

“Charity creates a multitude of sins”

Your Working Girl’s dear friend Oscar Wilde knew a thing or two about sin and, perhaps unpredictably, quite a bit about charity.  For anyone involved in the fundraising world, the early reports of what’s going down with the Grace Foundation in St. John, New Brunswick could make you a bit queasy. A board member of the Grace […]