Listen up, fundraisers

Please believe Your Working Girl when she says from the bottom of her heart that she is not trying to tell you what to do. She doesn’t give out fundraising tips anymore. She finds there are enough fundraising how-to books in print to choke a horse. In them, you will find the latest instructions on how to […]

Does anyone remember Kenny Finkleman?

“CBC failed to provide its staff a workplace “free from disrespectful and abusive behaviour,” says the report of an independent investigator hired to examine the corporation’s handling of the behaviour of former radio and television host Jian Ghomeshi,” CBC reported on its website Thursday afternoon. Does anyone remember the name Ken Finkleman? He was also popular with CBC staffers. Here’s a Q […]

The CBC shows us exactly how it’s done—workplace bullying, I mean

When comedian and CBC host, Rick Mercer, stepped out onto the stage of the Giller Awards Gala on November 10th, having replaced Jian Ghomeshi as host, everyone wondered if, and how, he would bring up the Ghomeshi scandal. The hotel ballroom was a beautifully decorated CBC set. The tables were laid with jaunty CBC-themed red […]

What happens to your mind when baseball season is over?

Since the World Series ended one week ago yesterday, things haven’t been the same. The Republicans just won a majority in the U.S. Senate, guaranteeing, at the very least, political paralysis in the world’s biggest economy. On Sunday, our Armed Forces dropped two laser-guided GBU-12, 500-pound bombs “in the vicinity of Fallujah.” The time change means it’s […]

Ten questions that simply must be asked in the Ghomeshi scandal

The issue that’s given rise to the most scorn among my readers since the Ghomeshi scandal broke a week ago was my initial posit that Jian Ghomeshi’s being  a man of colour and a Muslim might have played a role in the way the CBC disposed of him.  The response I got to that suggestion was that […]

Say it ain’t so, Brad …

It’s baseball season … hooray … and aside from not having her confidence buoyed by the recent slump of the Toronto Blue Jays, Your Working Girl is having a great time watching as much baseball as she can, including as many Detroit Tigers games as her increasingly solitary time allows.  The team is a joy […]

Why listening to a health charity may be hazardous to your health

After 15 years of allowing food producers to put a distinguishing red check mark on foods it deemed nutritionally beneficial, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada announced this week it will shutter the Health Check™ Program.   Your Working Girl anticipates we will be a healthier nation for it. Heart and Stroke bills Health Check as […]

Unconventional philanthropist dies at 87

It’s sad to meet and fall in love with a man when you are in the process of reading his obituary.  So it was for Your Working Girl and Robert W. Wilson, a gay, atheist, short-sell specialist, well-known known for his philanthropy.   A masterful mass of contradiction, Mr. Wilson contributed an estimated $600 million […]

Abercrombie & Fitch says no to the fat and homely

Your Working Girl’s holiday is over and the marketing/branding/fundraising construct continues to careen on it’s crazy daisy way. Abercrombie & Fitch, a clothier that boasts one of the longest line-ups on Boxing Day has spent 2013 hurky-jerking from one wild decision after another.     It no longer stocks XL or XXL.  And it doesn’t sell […]

Look who’s talking 2: Canadian edition

Your Working Girl’s Friday blog detailed how women are underrepresented in media sourcing in the US, specifically in the debate around contraception and abortion – 87% of the quotes in print media election stories were attributed to men and 84% on the television news were men. Her Gentle Readers, of whom she is extremely fond, […]